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North America’s borders are not barriers, but doorways to enrichment, education, and opportunity.

Learn the Law. Live the Culture.

The North American Consortium on Legal Education (NACLE) is comprised of 13 participating law schools in Canada, Mexico, and the United States.  The general purpose of NACLE is to promote and share understanding of the legal systems within North American countries. The specific purpose of the Consortium is to enhance the capabilities of each member to provide high quality legal education and research appropriate to the demands of the professional environment in North America.

NACLE Organizational and Administrative Documents

NACLE was created in 1998, with grant support from the Canadian, Mexican, and U.S. governments.  Driven by common interests and economic ties, NACLE provides a forum for legal study and practice that transcends national boundaries. NACLE offers law students the opportunity to participate in semester-long exchange programs at our member universities.  Since its inception, NACLE has uniquely contributed to the collaboration between its member governments and academic institutions.
With top legal scholars, students and practitioners from 13 research-based institutions, NACLE aims to increase the quality of legal education and cooperation between public and private sectors in the member countries.  Through annual conferences, student exchanges and academic paper competitions, NACLE creates for the North American legal community an opportunity to dialogue, learn and better understand neighboring legal systems.


Open Doors.  Explore Opportunities.  Discover Cultures.

Nothing can open one’s eyes to a new culture like becoming a part of it.  Through NACLE’s exchange program, students will learn more about the legal practices and judicial structure of countries than if they spent countless hours studying them in a classroom alone.  The experience enriches them both personally and professionally.  After all, North America’s borders are not barriers, but doorways to enrichment, education, and opportunity. 
The goal is simple.  To provide a quality legal education by promoting an exchange program at member law schools, chosen not only for their complementarities, but for their location in cities such as Montreal and Mexico City, as well as Washington, D.C. and Houston.  Participating in a NACLE exchange is an excellent opportunity to gain insight into the laws and culture of another country and begin seeing the world from a different point of view.


Meet the Partners. Delve Deeper.

Organized around a central theme, NACLE assembles a periodic curriculum development workshop that combines academic exchange with social interaction.  The three-day agenda typically includes concurrent workshops and forums conducted by Canadian, Mexican and U.S. law professors who specialize in particular areas of law and policy. The workshops include social gatherings, receptions, dinners, and ample opportunities to explore the host locale. 
Another main feature of the Workshop is the presentation of winners of the Student Paper Competition.  Winners will receive travel grants for an all-expense paid trip to the Workshop.  Students present their papers for faculty and student review at open sessions at the Workshop and have the chance to meet and interact with many respected members of the legal community.