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A Student’s “How-to” Guide on NACLE Exchanges

Eligibility: All students interested in applying for a NACLE exchange must be enrolled at a NACLE member law school. Students eligible to participate in a NACLE exchange may include students in their last or next-to-last year of study for the first degree in Law, as well as Master of Laws and Doctoral Law students.

1.    General Overview: Take a look at the general information on student exchanges posted on this NACLE website and find out more about the member schools by clicking on their link under the campuses  tab or by clicking below. NOTE: NACLE member schools vary widely, not only in location, but also in area of expertise and offered courses. It is important to consider how your interests pair with the member schools' programs, courses and locations. Please keep in mind that some NACLE member schools may require proof of language proficiency if classes at the host school are in a language other than the exchange student's native language. See each campus to verify. 

2.    NACLE Representatives: Each NACLE member school has a faculty representative and an administrative representative for handling NACLE matters. After you have looked over the information on this NACLE website and the members' webpages, contact the NACLE administrative representative at your own law school for information on how to apply and get approval to do NACLE exchange. To determine who your contact is, if you are attending a Canadian school, click here; if you are attending a school in the United States, click here; and if you are attending a Mexican school, click here.

3.    Exchange Application: Once you have approval from your home school to do a NACLE exchange, submit an exchange application to the NACLE member school you have selected by following the school's specific application instructions. You can find each school's specific application instructions by clicking on their link under the Students  tab or by clicking below. NOTE: Application requirements and deadlines vary from school to school. For foreign students these deadlines are of critical importance, not only for purposes of registration and planning, but also in order to procure any necessary visas in a timely fashion.

4.    Course Registration: Once the host school has accepted your application for a NACLE exchange, the host school will handle course registration. A representative of the host school will send you information on available courses and will help you register. Additionally, you should be assigned a faculty advisor at the host school to help you with questions about specific courses. YOU WILL RECEIVE FULL ACADEMIC CREDIT TOWARDS YOUR HOME SCHOOL DEGREE BY TAKING COURSES IN A NACLE EXCHANGE. HOWEVER, ACTUAL GRADES RECEIVED AT THE HOST SCHOOL WILL TRANSFER PASS/FAIL TO YOUR HOME SCHOOL. YOU MUST EARN A PASSING GRADE IN A COURSE AT THE HOST SCHOOL COURSE IN ORDER TO RECIEVE CREDIT TOWARDS YOUR HOME SCHOOL DEGREE. NOTE: Before registering for courses, check with your home school to make sure that your home school will give you credit for the courses you choose at the host school.

5.    NACLE Registration Form: Once you have registered for courses at the host school, fill out this online registration form to register your information with NACLE's administrative office.

6.    Other Details: With the help of the NACLE administrative representative at the host school, make living arrangements (housing, parking, transportation, etc.). Most member schools have some sort of on-campus housing available for exchange students and may be able to facilitate roommate parings and/or sublets. Living arrangements should be made well in advance in order to maintain their viability.

7.    Contact: Throughout the entire exchange process, stay in close contact with the NACLE administrative representative at the host school to make sure that all aspects of the exchange are fulfilled. In addition, you may contact Dominique Villareal, the NACLE Student Relations Coordinator, if you have any questions or would like additional information.

8.    Exit Survey: Upon completion of your NACLE exchange, fill out this online student evaluation form. Feedback from prior NACLE exchange students helps NACLE improve the overall exchange experience.

Thank you for your interest in the NACLE student exchange program! If you have any other questions or would like additional information about NACLE student exchanges, please contact Dominique Villareal.